2010 Iced Tea Champions
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True Brew — the finest organic iced teas and natural fruit juices from Texas!

True Brew is a family-owned and operated company in Plano, Texas. We started brewing tea for ourselves, which grew into sharing samplings with friends and neighbors. After receiving overwhelming requests for our all-natural, organic tea, we decided to start our business.

Using our unique brewing process, we take the finest organic tea leaves and brew them slowly to perfection, providing you and your family with an extraordinary quality of brewed iced tea, rich in antioxidants. We also produce the best tasting natural fruit juices and fruit drinks you’ll ever find, made the same careful, natural, healthy way we make our teas.

At True Brew, we’re all about being healthy. That’s why we don’t use any artificial flavors or colors in any of our teas or juices, and just as important, why you’ll never find any preservatives in our products. It’s also the reason we only use the finest natural cane sugar as a sweetener. It’s why we say, when it comes to what you drink… Be true to you

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